As a Board Member, I’ll advocate for increased early literacy programs so our children have a strong educational foundation, and will encourage healthy collaboration between parents, teachers and students to build a positive culture of academic, civic, and peer engagement.

I will work to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline by implementing policies that are holistic and student-centered. Every student deserves the opportunity to receive a great education, including our at-risk youth.

Our students—especially those of color—need support via mentors, tutoring, peer support networks and role models. We need case managers who are available to continue the line of support for the students who most need it. The County is failing these students.

We can do better.


 Early detection and prevention of social, emotional and behavioral problems is of the utmost importance. I’ll work with local schools and will encourage programs that teach students self-confidence and the ability to deal with stress, setbacks, and failures.

I support community policing and will work with local law enforcement to secure our campuses. We need our officers to build positive relationships with students so that they are protected at all times. 


Your tax dollars must be used efficiently and effectively.

As a Board Member, I will strongly advocate for fiscal accountability and transparency, so that money dedicated to our social programs actually makes it to those who need it.

I will work to ensure your tax dollars are used for the betterment of all students and add valuable support services where needed.


One of the chief responsibilities of the Sacramento County Board of Education (SCOE) is to review appeals of expulsions that come from local schools.

I promise to give great deliberation to each appeal and not serve as a rubber stamp for district decisions.

Furthermore, I will do everything I can to support programs at the local level that will prevent these expulsions from making it to the Board, such as Restorative Justice Programs.